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Dynamic Debate Advice

Welcome to Dynamic Debate Advice blog- home of real dialogue about competitive debate and current events.

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Should I hire a personal coach?

Sometimes we need extra help- there’s no shame in it! When poking around on Reddit or talking to people at debate camp,  you may hear about personal coaches. They come in all formats, skills, and affordability levels. Some people say you need them, others may say it’s a waste of time and money. How do…

How do I get a multi-school WSD team to work together?

With a little effort, this step in building an effective WSD team can be the most fun! Think back to your best memory from debate regarding your team. Is it the end of the year party at the coach’s house with karaoke?  Was it dinner at a two-day tournament spent  laughing with teammates at the…

How do we build a strong multi-school World Schools Team?

Tis the season- teambuilding season! As state championships wrap up and World Schools teams are announced for districts and cities, debaters are faced with an interesting problem: how do you build a strong team from scratch in less than 3 months?  As a quick disclaimer, this is going to be about building a multi-school team…

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