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About Me

“Your words become your world” -Nadeem Kazi

I’m Jewell, a competitive Lincoln-Douglas and World Schools debater in the Cleveland area. This blog is for the entire debate community; as a novice on a small team it was my dream to have a place to get advice and engage in dialogue with debaters from around the country. My hope is that you can learn from the strategies shared on this website and eventually grow enough to share your own with your team and competitors.

Just like you, I learn with every round and drill, but I do have a lot of experience. I’ve won, placed, and made finals at multiple tournaments. Additionally, I competed every weekend in the 2020-21 season. My home circuit, Northeast Ohio, is very traditional but I have dealt with progressive debate as well since I’ve also competed in multiple national circuit tournaments and broke to elimination rounds. In 2021 and 2022, I qualified to states in LD and was part of the North Coast District World Schools Team for Nationals. As district semifinalist, I also qualified to the national tournament in LD by default, but will be competing in WSD. After qualifying here, I went on to win the City Club Championship of Cleveland. There’s no secret or click-bait trick to it, getting better at debate comes from hard work and actively competing. In the words of my coach, “Practice, practice, practice!”

Please send me any questions or feedback at:

Remember, there are no “dumb” or “basic” questions. Ask away!

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